Remembering I AM THAT I AM…


I recently spent a week on vacation in close quarters with my immediate and extended family.  It was for a wonderful occasion and there was so much fun and celebration. There I was, the adult me, with people I hadn’t seen or spent much time with for a long time. I noticed my little girl was with me too, that part of me who carries old wounds and erroneous beliefs about myself – about who I am and who I am not. It was a challenge at times to remain conscious of who was most present for me – the child or the woman.  And while the woman smiled and chatted, the little girl was close by. I was aware that she needed me – so I took her with me and stood amongst the magnificent mountains and wise old trees as we breathed and removed those layers, her hand held tight in mine, until there we were – as we truly ARE pure, divine and loved. What a gift.

How do you know when your child is present? How do you know when he/she needs you? How do you take care of him/her?

As we embrace all of ourselves with compassion, acceptance and love – we are complete.

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Dissolving the Struggle

Dissolving the Struggle…


What happened to us is not who we are. Sometimes this may be a challenge to remember when we are emotionally triggered and feel like we are yanked back into the past. We need to acknowledge that we are so much more than our struggle!

I’d like to share a quick meditation with you that can help bring you back:

Spend a few moments today to get in touch with the healthiest part of you – the part that is wise, always moving toward wholeness and completeness, the part that knows the depth of your strength.

~With eyes closed, allow yourself to start to relax as you focus on your breathing and sink down into your body. Find the spark within you, that light inside, its there…notice where you find it and start to increase it with your breath. Feel yourself glowing from within as you radiate the light of pure love. Now feel it penetrate any cold, dark spaces within, as it dissolves the struggle.

Use this brief meditation any time you need to bring yourself back from the struggle, experience your radiance and ground yourself in the present.  The more you use it, the more you condition yourself to call upon your spark with greater ease and reconnect to your true identity!

Let me know how this works for you!

❤ jt

Jennifer L Todd, LCSW, ACHT

324 Belleville Avenue

Bloomfield NJ, 07003


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A New Blog of Perfect Portions!! (And no, its NOT another food or weight loss blog, Come check ME out!!)

If you’re like me, you acknowledge that you are on a journey to grow into becoming the best version of yourself – you may look around for inspiration and seek out new opportunities to learn. You may do this with your work, your health, and your relationships by finding trainings, workshops, books and people who you are drawn to for that connection and guidance.  AND, if you’re like most people, you are also doing most of it on the fly, in between all the things you try to squeeze into your day and scratch off your TO DO list.


Well, sometimes I love my inspiration tapas style, “small bites”,  little bits to savor and digest as I work them around in my Mind and Heart. So, if you are like me, join me on my new blog adventure to find big meaning, big inspiration and big growth with little bites! I’ll be offering short entries packed with food for thought and meditations, food for your soul! I look forward to your comments and feedback as we journey together.

xo, jt



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